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DM-500 Mast
Dimensions: 3.50 in x 5.00 in.
Weight: 2.20 lb./ft.
Ix = 2.55 in^4
Iy = 4.81 in^4
Price for extrusion only: $50.31/Foot
Stock lengths: Clear Anodized
Complete mast quoted on request. See measuring for more information.

To order mast extrusions, please specify the quantity and tube length. If a sailfeed is desired, please check the box below. See measuring for helpful information. You will have an opportunity to enter any special instructions during the checkout process.

Tube Length:
(ex. 29 ft. 10.25 in.)
ft.   in.
Sailfeed Location: (optional)
Check here to include sailfeed.
Measure from bottom of tube to bottom of sailfeed. A $20.00 charge will be added. ft.   in.

Parts and Accessories:

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DH 1015
Masthead Rig


use (1) BN4 bolt w/nut


DH 1100
Masthead Light


use (2) RH1 screws


DH 2122


Click image for details.

DH 2122H
Hinged Step


use (2) SSP5 pop rivets or (2) RH1 screws


DH 2890
Large Halyard Organizer Plate



DH 75-40
Heavy Duty Shroud Tang


use (1) BN4 bolt w/nut (per pair)


DH 0001
Sailfeed Gate and Thumb Screw



DH 834
4" Halyard Cleat


use (2) POH2 screws


DH 835
5" Halyard Cleat


use (2) POH2 screws

Click image for details.

DH 2503
Airfoil Spreader 32" Long


use (1) SW spreader wire


DH 2500
Spreader Bracket


use (6) SSP2 pop rivets

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