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1-1/4" Boom
Dimensions: 1.25" OD x .065" wall
Price for extrusion only: $12.85/Foot
Stock lengths: Clear Anodized
Complete boom quoted on request. See measuring for more information.

To order boom extrusions, please specify the quantity and tube length. If a sailfeed is desired, please check the box below. See measuring for helpful information. You will have an opportunity to enter any special instructions during the checkout process.

Tube Length:
(ex. 29 ft. 10.25 in.)
ft.   in.
Sailfeed: (optional)
Check here to include sailfeed. A $20.00 charge will be added.

Parts and Accessories:

DH 6510
Outhaul Cap


use (2) SSP3 pop rivets


DH 351-OS
Sliding Gooseneck


use (2) SSP3 pop rivets


DH 358-OS
Sliding Gooseneck


use (2) SSP3 pop rivets


DH 921
Eye Strap


use (2) SSP2 pop rivets


DH 911
Bullet Block



DH 841
3-1/4" Halyard Cleat


use (2) POH1 screws


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Home > Booms > 1-1/4" Boom