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Completed Masts, Booms, and Rigging Custom Fabricated to your Specifications

For a Prompt Quotation:

1. Make a simple sketch showing the desired fittings and their positions.

2. For masts and booms, provide correct measurements as shown. Be sure to specify the mast or boom section. For standing rigging, provide the correct pin to pin length. Any turnbuckles are 1/2 open. Be sure to include quantity of each shroud, cable diameter of each shroud, and part number for each end fitting.

3. Indicate your name, address, and a telephone number or email address.

4. Fax sketch to (203) 484-2014.

5. We will contact you with a quotation.

Boat Builders
Dwyer can furnish complete Rigging Kits, including Standing and Running Rigging, for production boats.

You may be surprised to find how little it cost to equip your boat with the very best...DWYER SPARS.
Standing Rigging