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10,500 sq. ft.

Extrusions in Stock

Dwyer has 20 different extrusions in stock to fit boats up to 35 feet.


Computer aided design software is used for drafting and water jet cutting.


Dwyer uses a progressive stamping process to make rigging hardware.


Rigging for Dwyer masts is made on site at the North Branford facility.


Milling machines are used to cut sail-feeds in masts and booms.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

The abrasive waterjet can cut intricate, detailed parts quickly and easily in nearly any material including metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone, marble and granite.


Each piece of hardware is stamped and formed on a unique die set.


Hardware such as pins, sheaves and end-caps are machined on site to ensure a perfect fit.


Welding is done using a heliarc (TIG) welding process to ensure quality welds in steel or aluminum.


Finished parts are de-burred and polished in a ceramic bath.


Dwyer keeps all of its hardware in stock so your orders can be filled quickly. Thank you for touring our facility.